Unified Communications

Unified Communications – Bringing all your communication channels together

Telefirm has gained a good reputation in the industry of unified communications. Our unified solution is an all-in-one platform for modern Australian small and large organizations to unify voice and data traffic onto one single platform. We have integrated unified communications solutions to a diverse range of organizations.

Being a leading service provider, we can integrate real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), video conferencing, data sharing, telephony, speech recognition with non-real communication services such as integrated email, SMS, voicemail and fax. Our main aim is to provide a consistent system that enhances the user experience across multiple devices and media-types.


Why choose Telefirm for Unified Communications?

Connect and bring workforce together
Facilitate innovation across the value chain
Boost business productivity
Lower down the maintenance costs

Our unified communications solutions are highly available architecture to ensure high quality and high performance communication. Businesses can reduce the total cost of ownership by centralising system administration to one interface. The maintenance costs will also be lowered down when we integrate unified communications solutions for your enterprise. Contact us now and get started with unified communications today.

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